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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Migration to the Integrated Web Platform

Consider this dynamically-generated page to be a bridge between this site's current home, Site Builder, and the Integrated Web Platform (IWP). The information featured on this page will be used by UC ANR IT in the migration process, which is ongoing.

PLEASE NOTE: The migration of content (from this site or otherwise) will occur *iteratively*. That is, the following things may be adjusted; multiple times, possibly:

  • which/how content types are exported from ANR's legacy web platform (Site Builder and the ANR Blogs)
  • the tagging of the site, or site assets with terms from our taxonomy
  • the content presentation templates on the IWP proof-of-concept site

Adjustments to the above can/will lead to changes in the following (on the IWP proof-of-concept website):

  • the amount of your content available to visitors
  • the variety of your content available to visitors
  • the way visitors search for or otherwise navigate to your content
  • the experience of consuming your content

This site's taxonomy terms

This site has been tagged with the following taxonomy terms. These terms will be used to migrate content from this site to the IWP. When migrated, you will find content from this site in the IWP proof-of-concept site at one of the provided URLs.

To make changes to the set of terms used to describe your site, please contact iwp@ucanr.edu.

Facet Term Link to IWP proof of concept content for this term
county *Statewide https://iwp.ucanr.edu/county/statewide

Content types

Note: At this time, the following content types are being migrated into the IWP proof of concept site:

  • Blog posts
  • Calendar Events
  • Giving opportunities

...and the following content types are not being migrated into the IWP proof of concept site at this point:

  • Page Assets (includes text assets)
  • Pages
  • Left/Top Navigation
  • Layout
  • Imagery
  • Files

Confused? Need more information?

Please see the Integrated Web Platform overview and/or the Frequently Asked Questions.

This site's respresentatives

The people listed below will later be given access to manage content for IWP. You can make changes to this listing from the Site Builder administrator area.

Person Role
Bryon Noel Administrator
Robin Sanchez Administrator
David White Administrator
Shane Feirer Administrator
Kim Ingram Administrator
Robert Johnson Administrator
Bethanie Brown Administrator
Jonathan Wilson Administrator
Doug Parker Administrator
Katherine Soule Administrator
Stephen Edberg Administrator
Terri White Administrator
Kit Alviz Administrator
Mark Bell Administrator
LeChé McGill Administrator
Anne Megaro Administrator
Andrew Waegli Administrator
Linda Forbes Administrator
Tina Wikner Administrator
Tamanna Atcha Administrator
Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell Administrator
Christopher Hanson Administrator
Rose Hayden-Smith Administrator
Cheryl Hyland Administrator
Pamela Kan-Rice Administrator
Cynthia Kintigh Administrator
Jake McGuire Responsible Party
Webmaster Email: jewarnert@ucanr.edu