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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Jeremy J. James

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SFREC Center Director
Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center
8279 Scott Forbes Road
Browns Valley, CA 95918
(530) 639-8803
jjjames@ucanr.edu Create VCard


Ph.D. Plant Biology, UC Davis. 2004


Range Management

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Peer Reviewed

  • Nielsen, R. L.; James, J. J.; Drenovsky, R. E. (2019). "Functional Traits Explain Variation in Chaparral Shrub Sensitivity to Altered Water and Nutrient Availability." Frontiers in Plant Science 10
  • James, J. J.; Sheley, R. L.; Leger, E. A.; Adler, P. B.; Hardegree, S. P.; Gornish, E. S.; Rinella, M. J. (2019). "Increased soil temperature and decreased precipitation during early life stages constrain grass seedling recruitment in cold desert restoration." Journal of Applied Ecology 56(12): 2609-2619.
  • Schantz, M. C.; Sheley, R. L.; James, J. J. (2019). "Propagule pressure and priority seeding effects on the demography of invasive annual and native perennial grass species." Plant Ecology & Diversity 12(2): 139-150.
  • Leger, E. A.; Atwater, D. Z.; James, J. J. (2019). "Seed and seedling traits have strong impacts on establishment of a perennial bunchgrass in invaded semi-arid systems." Journal of Applied Ecology 56(6): 1343-1354.
  • Schantz, M. C.; Sheley, R. L.; James, J. J. (2018). "Effects of propagule pressure and priority effects on seedling recruitment during restoration of invaded grassland." Journal of Arid Environments 150: 62-70.
  • Shapero, M. W. K.; Huntsinger, L.; Becchetti, T. A.; Mashiri, F. E.; James, J. J. (2018). "Land Manager Perceptions of Opportunities and Constraints of Using Livestock to Manage Invasive Plants." Rangeland Ecology & Management 71(5): 603-611.
  • Dykier, C.,; Rao, D., ; Nader, G., ; Davy, J., ; Ingrahm, R., ; James, J. (2018). "Targeted grazing to reduce fire fuel loads in California chaparral." ANR Publication 8572
  • Rinella, M. J.; Davy, J. S.; Kyser, G. B.; Mashiri, F. E.; Bellows, S. E.; James, J. J.; Peterson, V. F. (2018). "Timing aminopyralid to prevent seed production controls medusahead (Taeniatherum caput-medusae) and increases forage grasses." Invasive Plant Science and Management 11(1): 61-68.

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