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Anne Iaccopucci Ed.D.

Photo of Anne Iaccopucci Ed.D.
4-H Healthy Living Academic Coordinator II
California State 4-H Office
2801 Second Street
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Davis, CA 95618-7774
(530) 750-1339
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Also in:
Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)


Ed.D. Educational Leadership, University of California, Davis. 2020
M.A. Education - Child Development, CSU - Sacramento. 2006
B.A. Human Development, Sonoma State University. 2004

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Peer Reviewed

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  • Iaccopucci, A. M.; Worker, S. M.; Bird, M.; Horowitz, M (2018). Exploring what teens describe as their contributions in teenagers-as-teachers programs. AERA Online Paper Repository. doi:10.302/1300764
  • Smathers, C.; Wasburn, L.; Toomey, M.; Johannes, E.; Iaccopucci, A.; Jonston, K. (2018). Organizational Readiness to Engage in Policy, System, and Environment Changes Supporting Positive Youth Development for Health: Case Studies from the Cooperative Extension System Framed by the Transtheoretical Model. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension.
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