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Jean S. VanderGheynst

Photo of Jean S. VanderGheynst
Professor and Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Biological & Agricultural Engineering
One Shields Avenue
3040 Bainer Hall
Davis, CA 95616-5294
(530) 752-0989
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Jean S. VanderGheynst is Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering and serves as the Associate Dean for the College of Engineering at UC Davis.  Her research emphasizes agricultural biotechnology and bioenergy production.  Professor VanderGheynst teaches courses in engineering and industrial biotechnology. In 2005 she received the Young Educator Award from the Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for outstanding teaching. Prior to obtaining her Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Cornell University in 1997, Professor VanderGheynst worked as an environmental consultant at Galson, Inc. in Syracuse, N.Y. and in process and manufacturing engineering at Dow Corning Corporation in Midland, M.I.  She has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Syracuse University.


Bioprocess engineering for the remediation of agricultural waste products and the production of food and energy resources; mathematical modeling of transport phenomena and microbial kinetics of biological systems; microbial ecology of biological systems; biosensors and bioelectronics; bioremediation; separation and purification of products from microbial and plant cell tissue cultures.

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