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Dr. Annemiek Schilder

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Director, UCCE Ventura County and Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Cooperative Extension Ventura County
669 County Square Drive, #100
Ventura, CA 93003-5401
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Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center


Annemiek Schilder is a descendant of a long line of dairy farmers in the northwest of The Netherlands. Her grandfather, who farmed well into his nineties, inspired her to follow a career in agriculture. She completed her primary and secondary education in The Netherlands after which she embarked on undergraduate studies in Agronomy at the University of University of Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. After obtaining her B.S. degree and an appreciation of the Cajun culture, she studied Plant Sciences at Wageningen Agricultural University in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Subsequently, she obtained her MS and PhD degrees in Plant Pathology at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY while wandering the wheat fields of upstate New York in search of fungal and viral diseases. She then moved to Nigeria, Africa, fulfilling a long-time dream to work in agricultural development and spent 3 years as a at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture researching legume and cassava diseases, seed health, and plant quarantine issues. For the next 20 years, she was an Assistant and then Associate Professor in Small Fruit Pathology at Michigan State University, investigating diagnosis, epidemiology and management of diseases of grapes and berry crops. Her appointment comprised research, extension and teaching and included extensive collaborations with entomologists, horticulturists, plant breeders, agricultural economists, agricultural engineers, extension educators, private consultants and growers. She is particularly interested in sustainable crop production, including organic approaches.


PhD Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 1993
MS Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 1988
BS Agronomy, University of Louisiana in Lafayette, LA. 1984


Small Fruit Pathology, mycology, applied virology, plant disease diagnostics, organic/sustainable disease management, integrated pest management

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Peer Reviewed

  • Abbey, J. A.; Percival, D.; Abbey, L.; Asiedu, S. K.; Prithiviraj, B.; and Schilder, A. (2018). Biofungicides as alternative to synthetic fungicide control of grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) – prospects and challenges. Biocontrol Science and Technology. 29:3, 207-228. 25 November.
  • Miles, T.; Glass, B. W.; Sysak, R. W.; Schilder, A. C. (2018). Post-plant strategies for management of black root rot-related decline of perennial strawberry fields. Crop Protection. 104, 78-85. February.
  • Thind, T. S.; Schilder, A. C. (2018). Understanding photoreception in fungi and its role in fungal development with focus on phytopathogenic fungi. Indian Phytopathology. 71, 169-182. 27 June.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Schilder, A.; Faber, B.; Daugovish, O.; Drill, S.; Downer, A.; Shapero, M.; Bruzzone-Miller, S.; Clark de Blasio, J.; Rowe, A.; and Hendricks, A. (2019). Ventura County Annual Report 2018-2019. University of California Cooperative Extension/Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center.A. Schilder. UCCE Ventura County. 23 pp. September 24.
  • Schilder, A. (2018). New leadership for UC Cooperative Extension and Hansen Agricultural REC in Ventura County. Farm Bureau of Ventura County Newsletter. XLX:5, 2. September/October.

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