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Below are links to B-roll for use by the news media in publicizing the Asian citrus psyllid/huanglongbing crisis in California. To download the B-roll, click the thumbnail. When the video comes up, right click and select "save video as." If you have questions, please contact Jeannette Warnert at (559) 240-9850.

Link Description Length
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01_Hand Lens
Californians can do their part to protect citrus from Asian citrus psyllid and huanglongbing disease by inspecting the news growth on citrus for signs of Asian citrus psyllid. :17
<img src="//ucanr.edu/media/sb3307253.png" alt="Image from Flash Video" />
02_Master Gardner
Many residences in California have citrus trees in the landscape. :10
<img src="//ucanr.edu/media/sb3307254.png" alt="Image from Flash Video" />
Mark Hoddle, UC Cooperative Extension biological control specialist, left, and Beth Grafton-Cardwell, UCCE citrus entomologist. :11
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Farmers need to inspect their trees for signs of Asian citrus psyllid. :09
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California citrus production is a $1.5 billion industry. :16
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06A_Spraying Ground Level
Farmers may need to treat commercial trees to control Asian citrus psyllid. UC Agriculture and Natural Resources provides information on http://ucanr.edu/acp :19 
<img src="//ucanr.edu/media/sb3307257.png" alt="Image from Flash Video" />
06B_Spraying High Angle
Another angle showing a spray rig treating citrus trees. :13
<img src="//ucanr.edu/media/sb3307258.png" alt="Image from Flash Video" />
Pesticides may be necessary for controlling Asian citrus psyllid in home landscapes. :10
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08_Reading Label
Always read the label before using any pesticide. :08
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09_Boys on Swing
Fresh oranges are a portable food. :11
<img src="//ucanr.edu/media/sb3307261.png" alt="Image from Flash Video" />
10_Girl Eating Orange
A young girl eats a healthy snack. :12
Click picture to download video.
Click picture to download video.
Seniors enjoy fresh orange juice. :13


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