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Controlling Oxalis by Replanting


Actually, starting over will only temporarily get rid of your problem. If your lawn is in bad shape, starting over with a new lawn may be the best solution. However, if oxalis has been present for some time, there is a seed reservoir present, which will provide new seedlings to infest your new lawn for some years to come.


The best control is a combination of broadleaf herbicides, which will selectively kill out the oxalis and other broadleaf weeds. This treatment may have to be done several times the first year to get the problem under control. Then at least an annualtreatment will be necessary to keep your lawn free of oxalis and other broadleaf weeds.


Along with the weed control a regular fertilizer program should be put in place to keep the grass vigorous. A healthy lawn helps compete with and keep out potential invading weeds.


When using herbicides for lawn weed control, be careful when applying the materials especially around plants at the edge of the lawn. Broadleaf weed killers can have unintended consequences to shrubs, flowers and trees at the edge of the lawn. Always read and follow product label instructions for best results.