Home and Worm Composting - Napa
Contact: City of Napa Recycling Division
Sponsor: Master Gardeners/Recycling Division - Napa

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Worm composting (vermicomposting) focuses on composting food scraps and is often the best option for those with limited space and minimal or no yard waste.

Home composting workshop focuses on the basics of composting, including tools, techniques, and bin types. Turn your yard trimmings and kitchen scraps into rich compost to use as a soil amendment or garden mulch.

For information & questions only, call City of Napa, Chris Shoop at 257-9200 or e-mail Chris at cshoop@cityofnapa.org.

Register for EITHER one home compost OR one worm compost class on any workshop day. Workshops are approximately 2 hours long.

Some workshops are held outdoors, please dress appropriately. You will receive a confirmation and direction when your registration is complete.


Register online at www.cityofnapa.org/compost - no phone reservations are accepted.