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Gardening Resources

Healthy Garden Tips are short information sheets that answer some common local gardening questions. They cover topics such as soil, water, vegetable, tips for general horticulture, and herb and fruit tree care and management.

What Vegetables to Plant - one page printable month by month guides for Napa County:

Month by Month Vegetable Planting List

Napa County Vegetable Planting & Harvesting Guide

Vegetable Planting Calendar Everything you need to enjoy a year 'round harvest in Napa County.


UC IPM's Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool can help you quickly narrow down the causes and solutions of many common (and not so common) plant problems.

Garden Pests and Diseases of California homes and landscapes.

UC Pest Notes Library contains short peer-reviewed scientific publications about specific pests or pest management topics, directed at California's home and landscape audiences.

Common Pests & Problems encountered by Napa County gardeners.

Common Pest and Diseases encountered by Napa County gardeners.

UC Integrated Pest Management contains peer-reviewed UC information and publications about specific pests or pest management topics directed at California's home and landscape audiences.

The UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Catalog offers hundreds of publications, videos, DVDs, and training kits that can be purchased directly from ANR and shipped to your home. There are many that can be downloaded for free. Use promotional code PRNA28 and save 10% on your online purchase.

Educational and entertaining YouTube videos from UC IPM

The California Garden Web focuses on sustainable garden practices, highlighting seasonal issues.

The School Garden Resources  

UC Master Gardeners offer limited site consultation and provide resources to parents, teachers and community members who support school gardens in Napa County.

Garden Links directs you to a host of interesting and informative garden information sites.

Spill the Beans Blog contains articles about growing home garden crops, monthly things-to-do, plant spotlights, current problems encountered/solved at the Napa MG Help Desk and more.

Newspaper Articles written every week by Napa County Master Gardeners.

Weather data from University of California stations located in the Napa Valley.