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UCR Urban Entomology
UCR Urban Entomology
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UCR Urban Entomology

UCR Urban Pest Management Conference

Date: March 20, 2019

Time: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Contact: 951-827-5729

Sponsor: UCR Urban Entomology

Location: UCR Extension

Event Details



This day-long conference is for professionals in the structural pest control industry. Join us and learn about new research results, find out how to incorporate more IPM approaches, and share experiences from across the state and the country. Both applied and basic research about urban pests will be covered as well as current regulatory and enforcement issues.

Topics for 2019 conference

Termite management and treatment, including fumigation and heat, using bait station systems and an update on Formosan subterranean termites, updates form SPCB, common PUE violations, invasive ants, bed bug chemical ecology, disease transmission potential, and management at public sites, biorational approaches to mosquito control, and resources from UC IPM available to the industry, and more.

Educational credit

We have applied for continuing education credits from the California Structural Pest Control Board and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.



Morning Session


7:15 Registration and Coffee (Courtyard)

8:00 Welcome remarks               

8:10 Presentation of the Carl Strom / Western Exterminator Scholarship

8:20 Dr. Walter Ebeling Remembered

         Michael Rust, UC Riverside

8:30 Ebeling Memorial Lecture

        The Ebeling Legacy that Persists in Termite Management Today

         Brian T. Forschler, University of Georgia

9:30 Break

10:00 Most Common PUE Violations in LA County in 2018

          Erin Zavala, Deputy Ag Commissioner/Sealer, Los Angeles County

10:30 Dealing with Invasive Ants: Lessons Learned, Relearned, and Revised

          David H. Oi, USDA-ARS, Gainesville, Florida

11:30 Recognition of Sponsors          

12:00 Lunch


Wood-Destroying Organisms Session


1:00 SPCB Update for Wood-Destroying Organisms

         Kathy Boyle, Structural Pest Control Board

1:30 Structural Fumigation in California: Brief History and Modern Era

         Vernard Lewis, Emeritus UC Berkeley

2:00 The Concept and Practice of IPM in Urban Pest Management

         Brian T. Forschler, University of Georgia

2:30 Break

3:00 Bait is Great! Using Bait Station Systems for Subterranean Termite Control in California

         Andrew Sutherland, Bay Area IPM Advisor, UCCE Alameda County

3:30 The Use of Volatile Adjuvants to Improve Heat Treatments for the Western Drywood Termite

         Daniel Perry, UC Riverside

4:00 Formosan Subterranean Termite – Update

         Michael Rust, UC Riverside

4:30 Tests and pick up certificates of attendance


General Pest Session


1:00 Understanding the Potential for Disease Transmission in Bed Bugs

         Alvaro Romero, New Mexico State University

1:30 Monitoring and Management of Bed Bugs in Public Libraries and Other Public Places

         Siavash Taravati, IPM Advisor, UCCE Los Angeles County

2:00 SPCB Update for General Pests

         Kathy Boyle, Structural Pest Control Board

2:30 Break

3:00 Biorational Approaches for Mosquito Control:  Governmental Vector Agencies vs. Private Pest Control                 

         Steven Su, West Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District

3:30 UC IPM:  A Showcase of Resources for California’s Structural Pest Control Industry

         Karey Windbiel-Rojas, UC Statewide IPM Program (UC IPM)

3:50 Measurement of Aldehyde Pheromone in Nymphal Bed Bugs (Heteroptera: Cimicidae)                 

         Mark Dery, UC Riverside        

4:10 Field Tests of Oxadiazine and Neonicotinoid Products for Argentine ant control

         Dong-Hwan Choe, UC Riverside

4:30 Tests and pick up certificates of attendance


Event Reminder

Webmaster Email: donghwan.choe@ucr.edu