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Fume School

UCR Fumigation School


The UCR Extension and Agri-Turf Distributing invite you to attend the annual UCR Fumigation School. The two-day program is packed with technical information, as well as a hands-on demonstration on how to properly prepare a structure for fumigation. Continuing education credits will be applied for the Structural Pest Control Board and the Department of Pesticide Regulation. All proceeds from this program will benefit the UCR Urban Entomology program.


“The fumigation school was very informative to me– so much so, that I will be returning this year.  I highly recommend the program to fumigators, and to Branch 3’s as well – especially those that have not had the opportunity to observe the fumigation process from beginning to end.”

- Rudy Arzarte, Expert Fumigation, El Monte, Calif.


"I would urge my colleagues to attend this course with their inspectors, I guarantee you will not regret the investment."

- Mark Tammariello,  Owner & Operator, WA Stone Termite & Pest Control, Inc.


Follow the link below to see the details for UCR Fumigation School program.


UCR Fumigation School 2017

UCR Fumigation School 2018

UCR Fumigation School 2019


For any question, please contact Andrea at Agri-Turf (562-469-5814)


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