Obesity Prevention Intervention for 4th Grade and Older

Obesity Prevention Intervention








A child who is overweight or obese at 8 years of age is 7 times more likely to develop risk factors for cardiovascular disease as a teenager than a child with a healthy weight. Childhood obesity is also associated with depression and problems in school, including missed school days and grade repetition.  Long-term studies show that overweight children who grow into a healthier weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle can reduce their risk of future health problems.  A gap exists in the availability of curriculum that can help school-aged children learn how to make choices specifically that impact their weight.


UP4it was developed by the University of California. The materials target known correlates to excess weight gain in youth, with a primary focus on four key areas:

  • WakeUP- Sleep ten hours at night to feel just right.
  • EatUP- Select the right food for a better mood.
  • DrinkUP- Choose water first for thirst.
  • GetUP- Move and play at least an hour a day.

UP4it activity guides utilize youth development principles that get students engaged in their learning, using problem-solving, teamwork, and 21st century skills. The activities require no additional resources beyond what you would normally find in a classroom. They support California Common Core Academic Standards.


UP4it was evaluated in the spring of 2018 during formative field testing. Students (n122) completed EFNEP pre/post evaluations.

  • 72% of children improved their ability to choose foods according to Federal Dietary Recommendations.
  • 27% of children improved their physical activity practices or gained knowledge.
  • 31% of children used safe food handling practices more often or gained knowledge.

UP4it Teacher Observation Tool feedback from one teacher indicated that in 9/10 areas, students showed improvement.


UP4it Level One was designed and written to align with academic content standards in math and language arts for 4th and 5th grade students. Level 1 materials are appropriate for fourth grade through twelfth grade. Level 2 materials are appropriate for fifth grade through twelfth grade.