Vertebrate Pest Control Education
University of California
Vertebrate Pest Control Education

California Ground Squirrel

California Ground SquirrelIf you are not taking this course for DPR or SPCB Continuing Education hourly credit, please ignore the prompt to make a payment at the end of the final exam.

The study guide is designed to assist you in answering various questions for each vertebrate pest.

Step 2: Take the Training

The training program is an interactive educational tool that enables you to complete the training at a pace that's comfortable for you.

Step 3: Final Exam

Based on all the information you've just learned, the final exam will pull questions from throughout the entire training course and test what you've learned. Upon successful completion and payment, you will receive a certificate of completion for 2 hours of continuing education for the agency of your need (DPR or SPCB).


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