University of California
Work Environment Assessment

AGENDA Work Environment Assessment


  • Share results of the 2012 Work Environment Assessment.
  • Engage in discussion about what it means to have a welcoming and inclusive work environment.
  • Take part in a dialogue on ANR values, and how they could translate into Principles of Community. Identify 2-3 academic/staff employees to serve on a committee to direct the process for finalizing statewide Principles of Community for ANR.
  • Clarify the purpose and benefits of a Staff Assembly for ANR. Identify 2-3 staff employees to serve on a committee to develop the process for forming a statewide ANR Staff Assembly.

9:00 – 10:00am                              

Registration and light refreshments

10:00 – 10:10 am                            

Welcome and Introductions

10:10 – 10:45am                            

Presentation of results of the 2012 Work Environment Assessment

-in one large group

10:45 – 11:00am


11:00 – 11:45am

Breakout groups to discuss assessment results

-separate groups for staff and academics

11:45am – 12:30pm


12:30 – 1:30pm

Breakout groups to discuss ANR values leading to the articulation of Principles of Community for ANR

-in mixed groups of staff and academics together

1:30 – 1:45pm


1:45 – 2:30pm

Staff Assembly presentation and discussion led by a representative of the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA)

-in one large group

2:30 – 3:00 pm

Wrap up and closing

-Summarize next steps

-Distribute and collect evaluations 

3:00 pm



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