Walnut Genomics Implementation Group
Walnut Genomics Implementation Group
Walnut Genomics Implementation Group
University of California
Walnut Genomics Implementation Group


Research Projects

• Walnut Genetic Improvement Project
Chuck Leslie, Project Leader

Chandler Reference Genome Sequence:

• Walnut Transcriptome Resources
Abhaya Dandekar, Project leader

• Walnut Genetic Maps
Masllikarjuna Aradhya, Mingcheng Luo, Project leader(s) 

• Walnut cv. Chandler, genome physical map 
Jan Dvorak, Project leader

National Clonal Germplasm Repository (NCGR)

The NCGR is tasked with the preservation of crop genetic resources to ensure that these species will be available for future generations and to support research efforts. The USDA maintains the NCGR. 
• Walnut germplasm resources are housed at the Davis facility.

Walnut Research Reports Database

A database of Annual Research Reports submitted to the California Walnut Board from 1971 to the present. Reports encompass most aspects of walnut production.
• Category Genetic Improvement

Database updated by the Fruit & Nut Research & Information Center.


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