Walnut Scion & Rootstock Improvement
Walnut Scion & Rootstock Improvement
Walnut Scion & Rootstock Improvement
University of California
Walnut Scion & Rootstock Improvement

Obj. 4: Integrated Extension Efforts

Conduct extension efforts that deliver disease-resistant rootstocks to stakeholders and assess emerging threats to walnut rootstocks.

Identifying emerging diseases and other issues affecting adoption of new walnut rootstocks, and insuring marketable products of the research are deployed and evaluated in commercial nurseries and orchards.

Integrated extension efforts:

  • Interdisciplinary partnering among scientists and stakeholders to conduct rootstock trials with nurserymen and orchardists, and to facilitate informed rootstock adoption to identify emerging rootstock challenges in nursery and orchard environments.

Educational outreach:

  • Employing multiple methods of educational outreach to effectively disseminate rootstock information and planting material to nurseries and growers throughout the walnut industry.

Stakeholder feedback:

  • The extension efforts are a conduit for stakeholder feed-back on all aspects of our work.

Expected outcomes:

  • Extension publications and web-based outreach describing new rootstocks and their performance.
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