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Please fill out this electronic form to request more information about the project, order "Stop Ballast Water Invasions" posters and/or brochures, or to be added to our mailing list. To reach specific staff members please visit the "Our Staff" page on the WCBOP website.

7/23/09 - Project Update

Since December 17th, 2008 the project has been under a bond freeze because of the State of California's budget crisis, and we have been unable to conduct any project activities.  At the moment, there is no information available about when or if those funds will return, and we are unable to mail any materials.  All requests sent from this form will be filed for fulfillment once funding returns.  The project website will remain posted, but will not be updated until the budget is unfrozen.

Please contact Jodi Cassell with any questions:

Please complete the following questions to help us improve the effectiveness of the poster/brochure - all answers will be confidential. Thank you!

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