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Requesting a Master Gardener


NOTE, THIS LIST OF TOPICS WILL CONSTANTLY EXPAND, if you don't see something you want type it in at the bottom of this section.

Select one or more topics from the list below. On the left are the general topics we cover, and on the right are the subtopics that fall under those general topics. The designations in the right column are also the titles of the powerpoint presentations we will use and the title you may use to advertise your event. For example, "Starting a Garden" is a general topic and "Introduction to Sustainable Landscaping" is a subtopic of "Starting a Garden". If you select "Introduction to Sustainable Landscaping" as your subtopic of choice, you can advertise the presentation to your participants using that title. You may select one subtopic, in which case we will provide that specific presentation on the day requested. You may select more than one subtopic, in which case we will choose one from among your selections and inform you of our choice. If you request ongoing presentations, then we will provide your list of requested subtopics in the order we think is best.

Tell us more about what the event or location is going to be like so that we can better prepare ourselves.

Tells us more about yourself and your organization.