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Complimentary Copy Request Form


Did you know?
Communication Services provides complimentary desk copies of ANR publications to each county Cooperative Extension office and REC for reference and advisor use. The cost of this service is over $25,000 annually.

Complimentary copies of publications are not regularly provided to ANR academic or staff personnel. ANR employees can purchase publications for professional use at the normal internal discount of 40% of cover price by using a UC account. These purchases are not subject to sales tax.

Please contact Mary Allen-Crowley at 510-665-2162 to purchase publications in this way.

If you feel that an additional complimentary reference copy of an ANR publication in your subject area would significantly benefit your program efforts and increase visibility of the publication to the general public, please complete the survey below and submit your request by clicking the “Submit Request” button at the end of this form.

Requests will be granted at the sole discretion of ANR Communication Services Marketing Director Cynthia Kintigh when the following criteria are met:

  • The request is from a current ANR employee.
  • There is a clear potential for expanded sales.
  • There is a clear connection to program efforts and visibility.
  • Sufficient Communication Services funding is available.


For verification that you are human, please enter the following code in the box below:

(if the code is not entered correctly, the survey will not be submitted)