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2019 SFR Evaluator & Room Monitor registration


Thank you for your interest in State 4-H Fashion Revue. This survey is to register

  • Adults as Fashion Revue Evaluators in Olson Hall
  • Adults as Presentation Evaluators in Olson Hall
  • Adults as Room Monitors for Fashion Revue judging rooms, Olson Hall

SFR is June 1, 2019 in Olson Hall at UC Davis as part of State Field Day. 

For complete SFR rules and forms, go to

SFR EVALUATORS: Fashion Revue evaluators shall be adults who are familiar with fashion, garment construction, arts and crafts techniques, grooming, current styles for youth and teens, and consumerism. Evaluators may be parents of SFR participants but will not be assigned to the same room as a family member. Evaluator time commitment is 8:15 AM to Noon. Please review the SFR Guide for Evaluators before you arrive.

PRESENTATION EVALUATORS IN OLSON HALL: Five rooms in Olson Hall are provided for members who are dual-entered in State Fashion Revue and State Presentation Day. Each room has a panel of three evaluators who must have previous experience judging presentations at the county or area level and be familiar with the current State Presentation Manual and complete the online Presentation Evaluator course. Olson Hall Presentation Evaluator time commitment is 8:45 AM to Noon. Evaluators may be parents of participants but will not be assigned to the same room as a family member. 

SFR ROOM MONITORS: A room monitor is assigned to each Fashion Revue judging room, stationed in the hallway outside the room.  The room monitor escorts participants into and out of the judging room and gathers the next group to be ready when called. Room monitors are adults and may be parents of participants, but may not be related to a participant in the room to which they are assigned. Room Monitor time commitment is 9:00 - Noon.

If you are able to help as an Evaluator or Room Monitor for State Fashion Revue or as an Evaluator for a Presentation Room in Olson Hall, please register using this survey! You will be contacted by the SFR Committee with details relating to the position.

For more information, contact Sue Moore, SFR Registrar, at or 209-743-2020. 



Presentation evaluators: All presentation types except Share the Fun may be given in Olson Hall depending on entries of dual-registered members. 

If you are registering with SFR as a presentation evaluator, please do not also register using the State Presentation Day survey. Your county will receive credit for you, through this SFR survey.