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2019 State 4-H Presentation Day - Participant Registration


Sign up here to register for State 4-H Presentation Day
June 1, 2019 at UC Davis

***Presentation Day registration closes 5:00pm on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.***

Evaluators: Each county must supply an evaluator for every five entries. 
Room Hosts: Each county must supply a room host for every ten entries.

Eligibility: Any 4-H member (9 years old and above) who has been awarded a gold or platinum medal in their Area Presentation Day may compete with the same presentation (and the same presenters) for which the medal was awarded. ** A team presentation must contain the same people as qualified (for example, a 2 member team demonstration must be presented as a 2 member team demonstration). Note that for Share the 4-H Fun Skits, fewer members may be present but you cannot add new members.**

4-H members may give only one presentation at the State 4-H Presentation Day along with one Share the Fun skit. **You may only register for one Presentation-if you received gold or platinum in more than one presentation you must chose one to participate at the State Presentation Day.**

Standing Rules

  • No presenter substitutions in team members are allowed for any category. Presentations must be given with the same individuals as qualified at a sectional event. So if a team presentation qualified, then it must be given as a team presentation at the State 4-H Presentation Day. For example, if one team member cannot attend the State 4-H Presentation Day, that then prevents the other team member from giving the team presentation. The only exception is the Share the Fun category where a team can still present even if they are missing individuals (they cannot add new individuals).

Dual Participation: Fashion Revue and Presentation Day: Every effort will be made to accommodate 4-H members who qualify for both Fashion Revue and Presentation Day individual, team or Cultural Arts presentations. Please indicate dual-entry on entry forms for both events. Scheduling conflicts do not allow SFR delegates to participate in Share the Fun. Dual entry in Interview Contest may be possible depending on interview time. Check in for dual registered SFR members is at Olson Hall only.
***Please note if you sign up for a Share the Fun presentation you cannot compete in the State Fashion Revue. Share the Fun and the State Fashion Revue cannot be accommodated to the time required. All other presentation participants can participate in both contests.

Presentation Time Blocks: Presenters will be assigned to either the morning AM (10:00am - 12:00pm) or the afternoon PM (1:00-3:30) time block. These assignments are determined the week before the event. While you may request a particular time block on your registration, this is not guaranteed.

Rooms: Each room has a table. A limited number of easels are available. Please indicate your needs on the registration form. Members are responsible for laptop computers, cassette/CD players and radios.  Rooms come equipped with overhead projectors, chalk boards, TV/VCR, and digital projectors. Rooms do not come equipped with a projector converter cable for Macs.



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