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2018-2019 Member Year Pins




Complete the survey before July 17 and your pins will be ready for pick-up at the Mandatory Community Leader's Meeting on August 7! 

Invoice will be emailed so payment can be made at pick-up.

Member year pins are available by age category: 

Primary (ages 5-8)
Junior (ages 9-10)
Intermediate (ages 11-13)
Senior (ages 14-19)

Complete this survey to order the year pins you need for your club members. 

Annual year pins & stripes** are given to 4-H members who are in good standing and have completed the following:

  1. Project Completion
    1. Complete a minimum of 6 hours of project instruction or more as required by the project leader.
    2. Complete Annual Project Report (APR) form.*

*Primary members, youth aged 5 to 8 years, do not complete the APR. Record keeping is not required for project completion.
**Primary members receive a year stripe and pin for participation in a project. Project completion is not required.
**Junior/Teen leaders receive a gold stripe and year pin for completing the Leadership Development Report (LDR). Junior/teen leaders are not required to actively participate in the project in which they are a leader.

Completion of a record book is not required for members to receive a year pin and stripe.

Completion of an Annual Project Report (APR) form is required.

Go to Leslie Carman 4-H Supplies to order stripes.

Year pins cost $1.65 each

Make checks payable to:  Solano County 4-H
(Personal checks will be accepted) or exact change.

Payment must be made to receive pin order.

If you do not need a particular year, please enter '0'.