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2020 Central Area Presentation Day Presenter Registration


Congratulations on qualifying for Central Area Presentation Day!  You may enter one of your county gold presentations.  You may also enter as a Share the Fun team if awarded gold at county.

Please complete the questions below to register for the Central Area Presentation Day to be held on April 25, 2020 Site to be Detirmined) in Merced County.  Entries are due by April 13, 2020

Please remember that each county is required to send at least one Evaluator for every 3 entries they send, and one Room Host for every 10 entries. 

Presenters may also be Room Hosts/Emcees if they are only doing one presentation.  To register as a Room Host/Emcee, please

There will be three Evaluators and at least one Room Host per room. We are planning for 10-12 presentations per room. Rooms will be divided by Junior, Intermediate, and Senior and may have a mix of presentation types in each room.  For a quick look at the different categories, please consult the Matrix of 4-H Presentation Formats.

Thank you again for your help! 


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Please list additional group members (if applicable).

Special Accommodations or Requests