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Disneyland Educational Event - 2nd Annual


Calling all 4-H members ages 6 to 19 years old and families for an adventure of a life time! 

Mickey Clip Art       2nd Annual 4-H Disneyland Educational Event   

      March 13-15, 2020, Anaheim  

This amazing opportunity is for enrolled 4-H members who are interested in STEM. The 4-H portion of this educational event will only be during Disneyland Educational Classes. 4-H Leaders and 4-H Staff will only be responsible for the 4-H members during this time.  All arrangements for tickets, travel and overnight accommodations are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


Registration closes on January 31, 2020 & payments due February 7, 2020

Hotel Special: Tropicana Inn & Suite

$189 per night plus 17% hotel & state tax 

2 Queen Beds with pull out couch into another bed sleeps up to 5 people

Reserve hotel by January 31, 2020. 

We will charge a 1-night room and tax deposit at the time of booking. The remaining balance will be charged upon check in. Refunds are provided for cancellations made at least 30 days prior to arrival.

Book with Barbara Badalian - Group Reservation code "4-H" 

Trop ESig

Electric scooters and wheelchairs can be rented from One Stop Mobility. Their phone number is 714-533-1444. And their website is:


The 4-H program will be hosting:

Ice cream social & scavenger hunt in the park at 4:00 pm on Saturday on March 14th (ice cream shop TBA) 

Educational classes on March 15th (Sunday)  

Disneyland cast members operate these classes on March 15, 2020!  Choose only one class as all classes are at the same time.

1. Designing a Disney Story| Disney Youth Education Series Ages 6 to 19: 

Special Requirement: minimum of 10 youth. 

Program Overview

Learn about the complex components that work together to bring favorite Disney characters and stories to the big screen. In this 3-hour program, students will study Disney's role in the history and processes used to create early animated features, as well as the innovative animation techniques used to bring the visions of modern storytellers to life. Members ages 6-19 will explore their own storytelling skills by planning and designing a storyboard and creating a kineograph.

2. Science of Roller Coasters Assembly |Disney Youth Education Series Ages 11 to 19

Special Requirement: minimum of 75 youth.  If we do not met the minimum requirement of youth.  We will participate in Properties of Motion Physics Lab. 

Program Overview

In this field study, students participate in an interactive, assembling experience that inspires them to achieve their dreams in the sciences and beyond.

Led by energetic and entertaining facilitators, students learn the mechanical physics concepts that underlie roller coaster design. They draw basic roller coaster tracks of their own, which they periodically embellish during the class as new concepts are introduced. While exploring the history of Disney roller coasters—from the Matterhorn, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad through the 21st century Incredicoaster—they examine the mechanisms and physics concepts that Imagineers used to pioneer work with linear induction motors, illustrating the importance of electromagnetism, inertia and g-forces in coaster design.

3. Properties of Motion Physics Lab | Disney Youth Education Series Ages 11 to 19:

Special Requirement: minimum of 10 youth. 

Program Overview

During this 3-hour interactive learning experience, students in grades 6-12 will learn the role of mechanical physics at Disney California Adventure Park. Students will study Newton's laws of motion and use the scientific method to explore the practical uses of magnetism, friction, gravity and different forms of energy. With the park as their learning lab, students

Registration fee: 


  • Disneyland educational classes
  • Disneyland 2 day hopper pass
  • T-shirt for 4-H Members.

Family members may also purchase tickets at these prices:

  • Season pass holders $140 for youth attending the class (T-shirt included)
  • $170 for 1 day Park Hopper (T-shirt not included)
  • $225 for 2-Day Park Hopper (T-Shirt not included)
  • $290 for 3-Day Park Hopper. (T-Shirt not included)

Special Note: San Benito County 4-H Member only:  The 4-H council be paying for the cost of the educational class and park admission of $245 for 4-H members only. San Benito county 4-H members will be responsible for paying the difference for 3 day hopper pass of $65.   If you sign up and do not attend you will be responsible for reimbursing the 4-H council.  

Payments: Families give the payment to Julie Katawicz, 4-H program Rep. at the council meeting or 4-H office by February 7th.  

Transportation & Lodging: A family will provide their own transportation to Anaheim, arrange & pay for your own hotel accommodations. We will have a block of hotel rooms available TBA for families to book. You may use the booking code “4-H” for group rate of $189 plus tax at Tropicana Inn & Suites .

Event Planning Meeting & Confirmation information  TBA at Santa Cruz 4-H office, 1430 Freedom Blvd, Ste E, Watsonville.  You will be notified of the date soon. It is very important to attend  this meeting.

*This event is being planned by Santa Cruz County 4-H leaders and staff in collaboration with San Benito County 4-H, Monterey County 4-H, Santa Clara County 4-H & Venture County 4-H . Please email questions to or or