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Community Compost Education - SAT. FEB 28 - NOON to 2:00 PM


Home Composting Workshop
Saturday, FEB 28,  NOON PM to 2:00 PM
UC Master Gardener GEC (Gardening Education Center)

2495 S. Delaware Avenue, San Mateo

Learn how easy and fun it is to recycle your fruit and vegetable scraps, leaves, and plant trimmings into compost in this free workshop. Apartment dwellers welcome! Compost provides valuable nutrients for your garden soil, helps retain moisture, which saves water, prevents erosion, loosens clay and compacted soils for better drainage, and suppresses weeds. It is rewarding to know you are turning what some consider waste into precious organic material for your garden.

Receive a $30 coupon toward composting supplies, plus a bag of compost starter.

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