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UCMGSC Information Desk Request


Do You Have a Gardening Question?

Certified UCCE Master Gardener volunteers work the Help Desk; during Sonoma County’s COVID-19 SIP orders, they are working from home.  They will research your question and supply an answer within days. Please limit the number of questions you ask to one or two in an email.  Thank you!

Please fill out the form below and please attach photos, if relevant.  The photos should include, if possible, photos of the entire plant/tree as well as close-ups of the signs and symptoms of concern.


Send us an email at Please include in your email all the same information that we ask on the form below and photos.


Following are some questions that may help you describe your issue:


Attach your photos

We prefer the photos be in the JPG format. Size all files at 1 MB or less. Large files may break the survey. Please upload your files here.