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2020-2021 San Mateo/San Francisco County 4-H Farm Use Request Application

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In order to raise animal(s) or use garden space(s) at a San Mateo/San Francisco (SMSF) County 4-H Farm for experiential learning purposes (not for personal use), primary or youth members must complete the following:

  1. Complete this online application.
  2. Acknowledge that you and your parent/guardian have read and understood the SMSF County Farm Rules.
  3. Acknowledge that you and your parent/guardian have read and understood the Local Farm Rules (read all that apply). 

Note: Local farm rules may require a physical signed document. Please check with the local farm manager/boss.

Submission Deadlines for the program year (no later than 11:59 pm)

  • August 31: Steer/Heifers (deadline changed for 2020 only)
  • November 15: All other animals (except steer/heifer) including dairy and/or breeding animals, group projects and garden spaces
  • January 15: Any changes and final requests

County 4-H Farm Management Committee will review and approve farm use requests within 1 to 2 weeks of the submission deadline.

If you want to re-edit this survey later, provide a password:

Or, if you previously entered a password, and want to access your information:
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Create a password (above) to access your application as you work on it.  Write it down.

After your first submission, you will receive an ID to use along with your password to sign in the next time.  

Write down your ID and password for future reference.  

If you are not ready to answer a required question, place a # in each text box and come back to it later.  

You will be able to edit the information when you return to the application.

Press "Submit" at the bottom - EVERY time you close the application.  

This will save your edits in a working document.  

Primary or Youth Member Information


Parent/Guardian Information

Request Information

I request farm space for

(enter a whole number or leave blank if not applicable)


Project Goals - please complete and be prepared to discuss.

Goals should answer these questions:

Primary or Youth Members and Parent/Guardian Acknowledgments - Electronic Verification


For Farm Management Committee Use Only