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2020-2021 Humboldt County 4-H Ambassador Application


Representing 4-H as a County Ambassador is the highest 4-H Youth Development honor attainable at the County level. These individuals serve as ambassadors for the 4-H program and give support to the 4-H club and county events. It is a working honor.

An Ambassador needs to exhibit the following qualities:
1. Demonstrate leadership ability, citizenship concern, and maturity of judgment.
2. Have a strong interest in continuing in 4-H programs for at least one additional year.
3. Present specific ideas on ways to give guidance and leadership to some area of 4-H Youth Development.
4. Make a commitment to expand the social and cultural boundaries of the County 4-H Youth Development Program.
5. Cooperate with fellow Ambassadors and Interns for the growth and development of 4-H within the County.
6. Recognize the opportunities and responsibilities of being selected as a 4-H Ambassador and serve as an excellent role model for younger members.
7. Function as a public relations agent for the Humboldt County 4-H Youth Development Program.

County Ambassadors are encouraged to attend the area Youth Summits, the State Leadership Conference and other Leadership and Citizenship conferences.

To be eligible to apply as a County Ambassador, a 4-H member must:
1. Be at least a Sophomore in High School;
2. Have completed at least one year in 4-H;
3. Be currently enrolled and in good standing in 4-H.

1. Complete the Ambassador Resume.
2. Write a 4-H essay, 300-500 words in length; typed, double-spaced, which strongly relates your leadership skills and potential, concern for the community and others around you, and your ability to make good, sound judgments. You may include 4-H, educational, employment, community and social group experiences.
3. Read and sign the Ambassador Contract. Click link to access contract.
4. Submit two Ambassador Reference Forms; one of these must be a 4-H leader (both non-relative). Click link to access reference form.
5. All documents must be received in the County 4-H Office by the set deadline to be considered for an Ambassador interview. Documents can either be uploaded to the survey or delivered to the 4-H Office.
6. Appear for an interview with the County 4-H Leadership Committee on the specified date and time.
7. The recommendations and decisions of the Humboldt County Leadership Committee are final.

County Ambassador Resume

Directions: For each 4-H activity, indicate the year(s) of involvement and describe your leadership role (if any). List each activity only once. 

Please upload your 4-H Essay, Ambassador Contract, School Transcripts and 2 Ambassador Reference Forms below. You also have the option to drop these off at the County 4-H Office prior to the application deadline.