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UC ANR COVID-19 Safety Training Survey for 4-H Volunteers - Tulare County


UC ANR Risk & Safety Services         

Tulare County 4-H Youth Development 

Safety Training for COVID-19 Return to In-Person Meetings/Activities, 11/5/2020

As a Tulare County 4-H Youth Development Program volunteer, you must complete this training survey in order to return to in-person meetings/activities under the current COVID-19 guidelines.  Please contact the Tulare County 4-H Office at (559) 684-3300 or e-mail with any questions.

*Decisions to allow 4-H in-person meetings are at the discretion of the UCCE County Director with direction from the County Public Health Officer. Any unauthorized in- person activities will not be covered by UC insurance and may not be included in 4-H record books. Corrective actions will be taken if 4-H volunteers or families host or participate in any unauthorized in-person 4-H activities.


DIRECTIONS:  Each of the sections below contain one or more active links with documents for you to review.  It is suggested that you download and save a copy of each document for future reference (click on the words in blue print).  

Once you have reviewed each document, click on the Submit Survey button at the bottom of the page. 

Next you will see Quiz Questions 1-4 individually, choose your answer  (yes or no) and click the Save Answer button in order to advance to the next question. 

*Note, you must answer each quiz question with yes in order to be authorized to conduct in-person 4-H events/activities during COVID-19.

UC ANR Awareness of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Note - This note contains information about the COVID-19 disease including signs and symptoms, how it spreads, higher risk groups, protection measures, and what to do if you are sick.

COVID-19 Safety Standards Summary - This document contains Prevention Protocols including the 4-H Basic Safety Standards for In-person Meetings, Health Monitoring, Testing & Tracing, Face Coverings & Protective Equipment, Cleaning and Disinfection, Travel Precautions, and Occupancy Precautions including the Occupancy Limits for UC 4-H Activities and Programs.

4-H Safety Protocol Checklist - This checklist must be completed by 4-H Adult Volunteers (in charge of an in-person event/activity) at least two (2) weeks prior to hosting in-person meetings to ensure that you are prepared to resume in-person 4-H programming or activities.  The checklist contains active links to other documents that must be used and/or referenced for in-person programming or activities.