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Marin - 2021 4-H Presentation Day Registration


Registration Forms Due:

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 by 5pm


Presentation Day

Sunday, February 21, 2021





Public speaking continues to be a cornerstone of the 4-H Youth Development Program. Presentation Day has expanded to include various public speaking formats, such as Demonstration, Illustrated Talk, Science or Engineering Presentation, Educational Display Talk, Informative Prepared Speech, Persuasive Prepared Speech, Impromptu Speech, Interpretive Reading, Share The 4-H Fun Skits, and Cultural Arts.

*Due to COVID restrictions, Share the 4-H Fun Skits will not be a part of 2021


For more information and guidelines on Presentation Day, view the California 4-H Presentation Manual:

Visit the Presentation Day page on our website:

Sample Presentation Videos:


Guidelines for All Presentation Formats

  • Evaluation & Awards: If you receive a Gold award at County Presentation Day, you may participate in the Area 4-H Presentation Day. Primary members (ages 5-8), and teams who include a primary member, cannot be evaluated and may not participate in Area or State 4-H Presentation Days.
  • Setup & Equipment: You are responsible for providing and setting up all equipment for the presentation. Each room has a table,  easel,  and whiteboard - no need to request these. If you have further needs, please request ahead of time.  Presenters are responsible for equipment, such as laptop computers, speakers, cassette/CD plays/radios, etc.
  • Appearance: Clothing should be neat, clean, and appropriate for the presentation being given, but the 4-H uniform cannot be required. Costumes are appropriate for demonstrations, illustrated talks, science or engineering presentations, and cultural arts.
  • Age Groupings: Members of teams and group presentations (excluding those with Primary members) will be evaluated using the age of the oldest team member.
  • Multiple Presentations: Presenters may do two (2) of the following presentations - demonstration, educational display talk, illustrated talk, science or engineering presentation, informative prepared speech, persuasive prepared speech, interpretive reading, and impromptu speech. Presenters may do one (1) of the following presentations - share the 4-H fun skit and cultural arts. You may not present multiple presentations in the same category.

Volunteer Evaluator Opportunities

If you are interested in serving as a Teen Evaluator, or Adult Evaluator, please fill out the evaluator survey here.

  • Teen Evaluator: Members 14 years and older are encouraged to serve. You must have been a presenter at County Presentation Day at least once in prior years. Due to the evaluator commitment, Teen Evaluators are not eligible to do an individual presentation; however, they may participate in one group presentation.
  • Adult Evaluator: Parents, leaders, and volunteers are asked to serve as evaluators. Orientation will be provided. Thank you for your support!

Registration & Event Questions?

Contact Linnea (PeeBee) van den Toorn at

You may only register ONE (1) presentation per form.

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