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Becoming a Master Gardener, Step 1


The UC Master Gardener Mission Statement: To extend research-based knowledge and information on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices to the residents of California and be guided by our core values and strategic initiatives.

We are a group of volunteers who are dedicated to fulfilling the MG mission statement in Ventura County. Public service is our core belief therefore applicants must have time available and share a passion for volunteerism.

Due to COVID-19, it has yet to be determined whether we will have in-person or online classes. In general, classes will be held weekly from November 2021 through April 2022. Details about the structure of this next MG class are still being developed.

The Master Gardener program will be accepting applications for the class of 2022 soon. The first step in the process is to attend one Information Meeting on either September 7, 8, or 9, 2021. Once you have attended an information meeting you will be given a link to the application.

Please complete the following survey to indicate your interest and to receive details of the times and locations for the upcoming Information Meetings.