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California Focus & Citizenship Washington Focus Service Learning pre-project approval


Please complete the form below to have your Service Learning Project pre-approved for California Focus and Washington Focus.

Helpful tips:

  • use the service learning project planning guide to plan your project before your submit your project for review
  • copy and paste the questions from the application into a word document to work on your proposal, then copy and paste your proposal into the application
  • include your county staff in the process-this will make it easier to obtain a letter of support when you are ready to submit your application
  • use only approved 4-H emblems and logos
  • include University of California -Agriculture and Natural Resources on all marketing materials
  • use budget template provided
  • test your project using the service learning project evaluation



Service learning  combines community service with more formal educational programs in order to deepen the service experience through self-evaluation. 

Service Learning Project Planning Guide

Budget Template

Approved 4-H and ANR Logos

Standards of Quality in Service Learning

Project Evaluation Tool :Use this tool to evaluate your project to make sure it has all the elements of a service-learning project.  Decide which of the statements is true for each characteristic and put the corresponding number in the "points scored" column.  Total your points with a goal of reaching between 26 and 32 points.

Questions? Contact Jenna Colburn at or 530-752-4359.

General Information

4-H Youth Member

Adult Coach/Mentor (4-H Volunteer or Staff)

Project Summary



Evaluation and Documentation of the Project

Applicant Agreement


County 4-H Youth Development Staff Statement of Support

(Note: If you do not currently have a letter to attach, please email it within two weeks to Jenna Colburn at


Upload Files:
1) Photograph or graphic that characterizes your project. (This will be used on the 4-H Website.)
2) Budget.
3) County 4-H Office Support Letter.
4) Community Organization Support Letter (optional).

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