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Have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about wholesome food, family gatherings, strong community and a productive environment. These are values that match UC Agriculture and Natural Resources and UC Cooperative Extension's.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day be held each November. Just one year earlier the same U.S. president signed the Morrill Land Grant Act, which set the stage for scientific agricultural education to sweep the nation and create the bountiful and nutritious food for which we are all so thankful.

UC ANR celebrates this holiday with the people of California by sharing the stories below about our role in modern Thanksgiving.

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Urban Gleaning Supports Community Food Bank
Despite California’s economic and agricultural prosperity, over one in four Californians are hungry or at serious risk of hunger—significantly worse than the nation as a whole. Hunger is a symptom of poverty; far too many families experience devastating health consequences when their low wages or modest public benefits cannot cover the cost of housing, utilities, and food (California Food Policy Advocates, 2013). In San Benito County, 20.1% of children live in food insecure households (Kids Count, 2014) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2015 declared seven of eleven schools in the Hollister school district as Community Eligibility Provision sites, meaning breakfast and lunch have no cost for all students at the campuses as part of an effort to encourage students in high-poverty areas to take advantage of carefully balanced, nutritious meals.

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