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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Mr David Anthony Doll

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Pomology Farm Advisor
Cooperative Extension Merced County
2145 Wardrobe Avenue
Merced, CA 95341-6445
(209) 385-7403
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M.S. Plant Pathology, UC Davis. 2008
B.S. Plant Biology, Purdue University. 2004


Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, and Urban Forestry

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Peer Reviewed

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  • Hillis, Vicken; Lubell, Mark; Kaplan, Jonathon; Doll, David; and Baumgartner, Kendra. (2016). "The Role of Pest Control Advisers in Preventative Management of Grapevine Trunk Diseases." Phytopathology 106(4): 339-347.
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  • Doll, D.; Shackel, K. (2015) Drought management for California almonds. ANR Publication 8515 10
  • Doll, D.; Rolshausen, P.; Pouzoulet, J.; Michailides, T.J. (2015). "First report of Dothiorella iberica causing trunk and scaffold cankers of almond in California." Plant Disease 99(8): 1.
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  • Sanden, B.L.; Doll, D.A.; Sams, J.M.; Ferguson, L. (2013). Taking soil samples part 1: FAQS: Who, Where, and When.
  • Sanden, B.L.; Doll, D.A.; Sams, J.M.; Ferguson, L. (2013). Taking soil samples part 2: soil sampling equipment.
  • Doll, D.A.; Sanden, B.; Sams, J.M.; Ferguson, L. (2013). Taking soil samples part 3: taking samples in the orchard.
  • Sanden, B.L.; Doll, D.A.; Sams, J.M.; Ferguson, L. (2013). Taking soil samples part 4: preparing the samples for the lab.
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  • Doll, D.A.; Sojka, P.E.; Hallett, S.G. (2005). "Effect of nozzle type and pressure on the efficacy of spray applications of the bioherbicide fungus Microsphaeropsis amaranthi." Weed Technology 19(4): 918-923.

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