Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources


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Why 'AA' is for Avocado Addict
Posted 8/15/2018 - If you're like most of us, you “go bananas” for a banana for breakfast. It's healthy, nutritious and packed with potassium. But wait! You should probably go...

Cities in California inland areas must make street tree changes to adapt to future climate
Posted 8/3/2018 - Many common street trees now growing in the interior of California are unlikely to persist in the warmer climate expected in 2099, according to research published in the July...

Hot weather tips for the summer garden
Posted 7/30/2018 - This week much of California is under a heat advisory or excessive heat warning, with high temperatures estimated to range from 90 to 108 degrees. Many home gardeners are...

UC research facility brings state-of-the-art conferencing to Tulelake
Posted 7/27/2018 - UC Agriculture and Natural Resources marked the opening of a new conference and laboratory building at its Intermountain Research and Extension Center in Tulelake July...

Connectivity is key for high-tech farms of the future
Posted 7/23/2018 - The dizzying impact of the digital revolution on many sectors of society – from retail to law enforcement, politics and entertainment – has also altered the...

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