Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources


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President Napolitano launches UC Global Food Initiative
Posted 7/9/2014 - On July 1, the University of California announced our new Global Food Initiative to address one of the critical issues of our time: How to sustainably and nutritiously feed a...

Peel back the layers and see what the onion is all about
Posted 7/9/2014 - For crying out loud, who doesn't love an onion? Whether you enjoy them in burgers, broths, sandwiches or soups, or deep-fry them as onion rings or serve them with liver,...

UCCE wildlife specialist Robert Timm retires after 27 years
Posted 7/2/2014 - Robert Timm, director of UC Hopland Research & Extension Center and UC Cooperative Extension wildlife specialist, retired July 1, wrapping up a 27-year career with the...

Grow, Teach, Donate - Our Garden
Posted 7/1/2014 - Since the University of California Master Gardener Program first launched in Riverside and Sacramento counties in 1980, volunteers have donated more than 4 million hours...

UC Davis study identifies risky food safety practices in home kitchens
Posted 6/27/2014 - While most consumers are very aware of food safety issues, including salmonella, and the risk of foodborne illness, many do not follow recommended food safety practices in...

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