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UCCE Master Gardeners of Calaveras County

UCCE Master Gardeners of Calaveras County

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Gardening tips For Dec 2017 - by Teresa Spence University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener of Calaveras County

  • Reduce all watering as there is less evaporation this time of the year; if there is regular rain, discontinue watering altogether until the rains stop.
  • When frost is predicted, mulch and cover any sensitive plants to protect them from frost damage.  Be sure to uncover the plants during the day.
  • For the best selection of bare-root roses, order them now from reputable suppliers or local nurseries. Plant them according to the directions on the labels, as soon as the soil is moist and easy to dig.
  • Clean and sharpen gardening tools so they will be kept in the best condition and will last a long time.
  • Clean up vegetable and ornamental beds.  Remove dead plants, branches and leaves to eliminate hiding spots for disease carrying pests.
  • If you are considering a cut Christmas tree this year, find the freshest, one that has been stored in water at the lot.  After bringing it home, trim off about an inch of the bottom of the trunk, stand it in a bucket of water and leave it outside in a shady area until it is time to bring it in to decorate.  Before bringing in the tree, cut another inch off the bottom, and place the tree in a stand that holds water, refill the reservoir regularly and check the levels of the water daily for the first week.  Do not keep the tree anywhere close to any heat source or open flame.  Remove the tree from the home as soon as possible after the festivities; dry Christmas trees are a fire hazard and get very messy as they lose their needles.

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UCCE Master Gardeners of Calaveras County are here to answer your gardening questions!

  • Office hours: 10-Noon, Wednesdays
  • 891 Mountain Ranch Road in San Andreas
  • Phone: 209-754-2880
  • On-line: Ask a Master Gardener

Bring a sample for identification, or drop by to ask questions. If you bring a sample, please put plant material in a plastic bag. For insect identification, don't bring them alive! Please preserve insects in a container with rubbing alcohol, or by freezing.

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