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CA Coastal Conservancy: Advancing Nature-Based Adaptation Solutions in Marin County (SNE)

Date: November 1, 2017

Time: All Day

Contact: Vanity Campbell

Sponsor: OCG

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CA Coastal Conservancy Grant Program: Advancing Nature-Based Adaptation Solutions in Marin County (SNE)

Funding Opportunity Number: Not Applicable

Funding Organization's Deadline: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 5:00 PM PST

Discipline/Subject Area: Coastal conservation

ANR Priority Area(s): SNE

Funding Available($): 200,000


Description: The Coastal Conservancy’s mission is to work with others to preserve, protect, and restore the resources of the California coast, ocean, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The Conservancy was created out of recognition that some of California’s goals for coastal management require implementation of important projects to conserve land, restore habitat, or build trails. The Conservancy works along the entire length of California’s coast and within the watersheds of rivers and streams that extend inland from the coast. The Coastal Conservancy also works throughout the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area and the entire Santa Ana River watershed.

This program will fund research to address the impacts of climate change, specifically sea level rise, particularly on low-income communities and other underserved populations in Marin County. This is the second year of a three year grant program collaboration with the State Coastal Conservancy and the Marin Community Foundation.
In many cases sea level rise impacts will be exacerbated where shoreline habitat is less intact and functional - including subtidal, intertidal, and shoreline environments and baylands habitats. These habitats can serve as critical assets in shoreline protection against flooding. Development of strategies that restore and enhance these natural functions is urgently needed, given the emergent nature of this field and the accelerating rate of sea level rise anticipated in the future.

The Advancing Nature-Based Adaptation Solutions grant program seeks to support planning, design, permitting, implementation, education, and/or community-based restoration activities to address the risks and impacts of climate change and sea level rise; and to further advance nature based adaptation solutions to protect and enhance the Marin County bay shoreline and outer coast. These funds can be used to support the following types of projects:

- Small to moderate size, high-priority restoration projects located within Marin County that advance regional coastal and baylands ecosystem habitat goals, particularly ‘living shoreline’ concepts, including restoring native oyster and eelgrass habitats, sand beaches and dunes, tidal marshes, and other shoreline habitats;
- Education and engagement of the public, especially underserved youth and communities
more directly impacted by sea level rise, in restoration efforts, where possible;
- Capacity building among critical partners in order to translate scientific data and analysis into practical solutions for broader implementation.

Specifically, this grant program seeks the following outcomes:
- Pilot projects that demonstrate ecological design concepts and create scientific data
through sufficient monitoring to advance the understanding of climate adaptation
practices among local and regional experts.
- Local projects that advance more quickly than currently possible, increasing the chances
that ecological health can be achieved in critical habitats in advance of significant sea level rise, and potentially attracting other funding sources in order to further implement
new techniques and restore shoreline habitats.
- Impacted communities and regional practitioners develop a deeper understanding of the
value and need for resilient habitats in the face of climate change, and of the potential
benefits to restoring them as part of building resilience to climate change.

Projects must be located along the Marin County shoreline of San Francisco Bay and the outer coast. Grant terms can be between 12-36 months.


OCG Note: Please note any changes to the funding opportunity including deadline dates may not be updated to this calendar. Please visit the Sponsor's website below for additional information.

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