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EPA Gulf of Mexico Program Farmer to Farmer Cooperative Agreements (SFS)

Date: September 22, 2017

Time: All Day

Contact: Vanity Campbell

Sponsor: OCG

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EPA Gulf of Mexico Program Farmer to Farmer Cooperative Agreements (SFS)

Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-GM-2017-FARMER

Funding Organization's Deadline: Friday, September 22, 2017 at 5:00 PM  PST

Discipline/Subject Area: Water quality

ANR Priority Area(s): SFS

Funding Available($): 1,000,000


Description: EPA will award funds to improve water quality, habitat and environmental education in the Mississippi River Basin. This project will support farmer-led organizations with a proven track record of implementing demonstration projects through outreach with area farmers and obtaining measureable results, including improved water quality and/or an increase in farmer to farmer education and outreach. Demonstration projects must entail novel or innovative techniques, methods, or approaches that should collect data on the results of each approach and provide results to the landowner to inform future farming decisions and to better understand (or ground truth) how different management practices affect water quality and quantity, yields and farming costs. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate how these funds will be leveraged to improve the reach of the project. This project will be considered successful if farmers demonstrate and inspire other farmers to implement similar management changes. Applicants should demonstrate a successful history of working with farmers to implement novel or innovative demonstration projects with results.

The project must also include at least one of the following outputs:

Water Quality Improvement

  • The project must demonstrate a minimum of 5% improvement in at least one water quality parameter in a water body and/or segment by the end of the project period as compared to the initial baseline. Examples of water quality parameters that could be demonstrated in a water quality improvement project include but are not limited to: dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, bacteria, nutrients, temperature, and garbage/trash (e.g. trash traps; cleanups coupled with prevention outreach; implementing creative prevention methods).

Protect, Enhance or Restore Habitat

  • Identify the expected number of habitat acres that will be enhanced, restored and/or protected and provide a report at the end of project period of the actual number of acres enhanced, restored, and/or protected.

Only projects that take place in HUC 07 (Upper Mississippi) and HUC 08 (Lower Mississippi) will be considered. The agency intends to fund one project in the Upper Mississippi (HUC 07) and one in the Lower Mississippi (HUC 08). 


OCG Note: Please note any changes to the funding opportunity including deadline dates may not be updated to this calendar. Please visit the Sponsor's website below for additional  information.

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