Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley
Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley
Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley
University of California
Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley

Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley

The Center for Forestry brings together researchers to create and disseminate knowledge concerning ecosystem processes, human interactions and value systems, and restoration and operational forestry management practice.

The Center for Forestry is located in the College of Natural Resources on the University of California, Berkeley Campus. It also serves as part of the system-wide Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The center is co-directed by Bill Stewart, forestry extension specialist, and Scott Stephens, professor of fire sciences.  For  additional information or inquiries, please contact Carlin Starrs, policy analyst.

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Forest Research and Outreach

Droughts in California
Posted 8/28/2014 - As everybody has undoubtedly heard, we are in the midst of one of the worst droughts on record in the state of California. Recently, the cities of Redding and Shasta Lake passed water regulations that conform to the state Drought Management Plan which...


8/6 - UC Berkeley Forestry Receives Award Honoring Outstanding Contributions to California Forestry

The California State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection will present the University of California (UC), Berkeley Forestry Program with its highest honor, the “Francis H. Raymond Award for Outstanding Contributions to California Forestry.” The presentation will be made during the Board Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 27, 2014 in the first floor auditorium of the Resources Building located at 1416 9th Street in downtown Sacramento.

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March 2014 - Blodgett Biomass

This is the latest HD version of the Blodgett Biomass Recovery Project, highlighting the benefits and challenges associated with managing forest biomass and transforming it into a source for renewable energy generation. This project was managed by the Placer County Air Pollution Control District in cooperation with UC Berkeley - Blodgett Forest Station and many other partners. This project is perhaps the leading illustration of biomass utilization in forest management and renewable energy in California, where nearly 9 million acres of forest stand in need of treatment (USFS estimate).

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The Forest Steward Blog

How to train your giant sequoia
Posted 4/5/2013 -   Article reviewed: Density effects on giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) growth through 22 years: Implications for restoration and plantation management By R. York, K O’Hara, and J. Battles, published in Western Journal of...

The beautiful fall colors of the conifer forest: small orange flames and big yellow machines
Posted 1/18/2013 - Article reviewed: Fuel treatment longevity in a Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forest By S. Stephens, B. Collins, and G. Roller. Published in the journal Forest Ecology and Management, 285: 204-212 The plot line: This study looks at how long fire...

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