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About the Center

The Center for Forestry brings together researchers to create and disseminate knowledge concerning ecosystem processes, human interactions and value systems, and restoration and operational forestry management practice.

The Center for Forestry is located in the College of Natural Resources on the University of California, Berkeley Campus. It also serves as part of the system-wide Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The center is co-directed by Bill Stewart, forestry extension specialist, and Scott Stephens, professor of fire sciences.  For  additional information or inquiries, please contact Carlin Starrs, policy analyst.


10/11 - Where and how to get fire information

In 2014, the Center for Forestry nearly lost one of our research forests to the King Fire. During this time, we learned a few things about how fire information is disseminated.  We hope some of this will prove useful to those tracking these fires.

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9/19 - Action Needed to Improve Health of California’s Headwater Forests

“Actions to arrest the decline in forest health will take place far from urban centers,” said Van Butsic, a coauthor of the report and a forestry expert with UC Berkeley’s cooperative extension. “But all Californians will benefit through continued supplies of high-quality water, natural environments, forest products, and recreational landscapes.”

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6/12 - Wildfires and climate change are fueling each other, creating a vicious cycle

"Right now, forests absorb global-warming pollution. But that's changing as temperatures rise." Featuring Center researcher Dr. Brandon Collins

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Newly minted UC fire scientist Kate Wilkin moves into fire country
Posted 1/16/2018 - Reposted from the UCANR News   Newly minted UC fire scientist Kate Wilkin moves into fire country Fire scientist Kate Wilkin was on the job just a few weeks when ferocious winds whipped up the Northern California...

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