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Spring into Health
Eating a good diet is important to staying healthy. UC CalFresh helps children and adults choose a healthy lifestyle by encouraging good food habits and decision making skills. As part of the UC Cooperative Extension, we're helping build and maintain healthy families and communities.

The UC CalFresh Adult Nutrition Education Program provides consumers with information in food and nutrition, food safety, and resource management. No-cost nutrition education classes are available to low-income adults residing in Fresno County. 

Ayer student reviewing MyPlate
The UC CalFresh Youth Nutrition Education Program provides support and resources to pre-school through high school teachers in low-income schools to deliver nutrition and physical activity education in their classrooms.

Improving the health of Californians is important to the future of California. A poor diet can lead to serious health problems. Although California grows the freshest fruits, vegetables and nuts in the country, many people don't eat enough of these nutritious foods.

Conditions are always changing, and the ability to adapt to change is a key to success for people, families, and communities. For more on the UC Cooperative Extension's impact visit UC Delivers.

Our Mission

Collaborate and leverage UCCE resources to positively impact the nutrition, physical activity and food buying behaviors of CalFresh eligible families in Fresno County through education and applied research.

Health Happens in Fresno County

  • Food Day--October 24, 2014

    Added October 24, 2014
    FoodDay org linearLogo 2014

    While the idea of Food Day has been around since 1975, the campaign to raise awareness and inspire Americans to change their diets and food policies, was not revived until 2011. Since 2011, Food Day has been celebrated annually and continues to provide...

  • Preschoolers Get Moving With Daily Exercise

    Added October 23, 2014
    Sallie Prudhume, Calwa Pre-K 2014

    We cannot wait to share the great work teachers are doing to grow healthy families! Sallie Prudhume, preschool teacher at Calwa Elementary, does 15-minutes of daily exercise with her students before class starts. This helps students to focus once the...

  • Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Camp Part Duex

    Added October 9, 2014
    One of our recipes was the green monster smoothie, which combines fruits and vegetables to make a drink everyone can enjoy.

    We just can't share enough about the wonderful opportunity we had to collaborate with Parks and Recreation at the Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Camp! If you missed the last week's post, check it out here. The goal of the summer camp was to...

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