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Up-to-Date Drought Information

California is in a serious drought!  You've come to the right place for up-to-date drought information from University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources academics working in this area.

Click here to view Janet Hartin's talk on landscaping and gardening under drought and water limitations presented at the statewide Master Gardener Conference in October, 2014.  Hartin Oct. 9 Final Statewide MG ConferenceTalk

Click here to download Janet Hartin and Ben Faber's most recent drought publications:

Drought tips to keep landscape plants alive: Drought_Landscape_Recommendations Hartin Faber

Use of graywater in the landscape: Drought.Graywater.Hartin and Faber Oct. 2014

Contact a UC Cooperative Master Gardener volunteer in San Bernardino County for more help in your own backyard and landscape!  909.387.2182 or mgsanber@ucdavis.edu


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February Gardening Tips

  • Control earwigs and sow bugs with bait or traps.
  • Remove and discard old flowers from azaleas and camellias to reduce petal blight
  • Divide asters, lilies, perennial phlox, chrysanthemums.

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Master Gardener Helpline

Email:  mgsanber@ucdavis.edu

Phone:  (909) 387-2182

University of California Master Gardeners serving San Bernardino and other local counties are here to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact our helplines. Whether you have a question about how to save water in your landscape, what's damaging your plants, how to make and use compost in your own backyard, or how to add an edible or two to your front yard, we're here to help!

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