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Volunteer Management System (VMS) Help
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Volunteer Management System (VMS) Help

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VMS Admin Help Document - Cover


Volunteer Management System (VMS)2.1 Administration Help Document


Section 1.0 Administration

1.1 System Overview 
1.2 Volunteers and VMS
1.3 Coordinators and VMS

Section 2.0 Accessing VMS

2.1 The ANR Portal 
2.2 Accessing VMS for the first time 
2.3 Returning to VMS
2.4 Accessing VMS when you've lost or forgotten your password

Section 3.0 Administration Site Overview  

3.1 The Banner 
3.2 News 
3.3 Left Navigation Bar
3.4 Right Information Panel

Section 4.0 Manage VMS

4.1 Manage Access to VMS 
4.2 Manage Administrators 
4.3 Manage Home Page News 
4.4 Manage New Member E-mail 
4.5 Manage User Options 
4.6 Manage Links Administration

Section 5.0 Manage Roster

5.1 Manage Interests 
5.2 Email Members 
5.3 Add a New Member
5.4 Reinstate a Volunteer
5.5 Change Volunteer Status
5.6 Reset a Volunteer's Password

Section 6.0 VMS Calendar

6.1 VMS Calendar Functions
6.2 Add a Calendar Event
6.3 Edit a Calendar Event

Section 7.0 Manage Projects

7.1 VMS Project Categories 
7.2 Add New Projects

Section 8.0 Newsletters/Documents

8.1 Add New Group/Edit Group Settings 
8.2 Add New Newsletter Issue 
8.3 Add a Document
8.4 View or Manage Subscribers

Section 9.0 Hour Reports

9.1 Hour Reports 
9.2 Expand Hour Reports

Section 10.0 Contact Reports

10.1 Show/Remove Hours 
10.2 Demographic Categories

Section 11.0 Reappointment

11.1 Reappointment
11.2 Reappointment Communications
11.3 Collect Digital Reappointment or Resignation Documents from Volunteers
11.4 Resigning or Inactive Volunteers
11.5 Roster Cleanup, Final Numbers and Insurance Invoicing

Section 12.0 Photo Albums

12.1 Create Photo Albums
12.2 Edit Photo Albums

Appendix 1- Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix 2- Reappointment Quick Tips and Frequently Asked Questions


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