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Producer Workshop Series Survey


Would you be interested in participating in a livestock producer workshop series in San Benito, Monterey,  San Luis Obispo, an/or Santa Barbara counties?  If so, please take a few minutes to tell us what you're most interested in learning about and what the best timing is for workshops.

We really appreciated your help in making workshops more interesting and valuable!


What topics are you most interesteed in?

Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Ecomomics - profit/loss for each sector of the industry(cow/calf, stocker, feedlot, organic, etc.)
Economics - tax professional - what can you write off?
Economics- genomics
Economics - marketing
Economics - local sales yard programs
Economics - organic/natural/grassfed programs & requirements
Economics - succession planning
Economics - technology (smart phone aps, drones, etc.)
Health - new animal health products
Health - BQA/MBA
Health - nutritional deficiencies
Health - injection sites/posting a steer to see impacts of improper injections
Health - antibiotic resistance
Health - VFD requirements & updates
Range management - management of annual rangelands
Range management - soil health
Range Management - native grasses
Range Management - endangered species
Legislative updates
Government programs (loans & grants)