Tracy Schohr

Livestock & Natural Resource Advisor
Plumas Sierra
208 Fairgrounds Road
Quincy, CA 95671
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Also in:
Butte County


Rangeland Ecology/Management


Research and extension in the region focused on irrigated pasture, invasive species, mountain meadows, water quality and business management. Catastrophic fires in her counties have also lead to an evolving program on urban fire implications to natural resources, disaster preparedness and shelter management.


Peer Reviewed

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Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Kocher, S., F. Kearns, V. Koundinya, B. Oatman, D. Alamillo, K. Panarella, S.
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  • Schohr, Tracy. (2017). 3 Steps When Findings a Livestock Predator Kill. Plumas/Sierra/Butte Livestock and Natural Resources Fact Sheet. December.

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