Dr. Prakash Kumar Jha

Assistant project scientist
UC Merced - Sierra Nevada Research Institute
5200 N. Lake Road
427 Sustainability Research & Engineering Building
Merced, CA 95343
prajha@ucanr.edu Create VCard


Ph.D. Climate Change, University of Venice. 2017
Master Climate Change Adaptation, University of the Sunshine Coast. 2011
Master Sociology, Tribhuvan University. 2002
B.Sc. Forestry, watershed and protected area management, Tribhuvan University. 1999


Climate Change Science


Prakash leads research and development of locally relevant agricultural decision support tools that can effectively integrate weather and climate information to give California agriculture a competitive edge in increasing resilience and reducing risks associated with climate variability and change.


Peer Reviewed

  • Jha, Prakash Kumar; Zhang, Ning, et al. (2024). "Climate change impacts on insect pests for high value specialty crops in California." Science of The Total Environment 906: 167605.
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  • Jha, Prakash K.; Athanasiadis, Panos, et al. (2022). "Using ENSO condition to optimize rice management for Nepal's Terai." Climate Research
  • Jha, Prakash; Materia, Stefano, et al. (2021). "Climate change impacts on phenology and yield of hazelnut in Australia." Agricultural System
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  • Jha, Prakash K.; Athanasiadis, Panos, et al. (2019). "Using daily data from seasonal forecasts in dynamic crop models for yield prediction: A case study for rice in Nepalâ??s Terai." Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 265: 349-358.
  • Bluffstone, Randall A.; Somanathan, E., et al. (2018). "Does Collective Action Sequester Carbon? Evidence from the Nepal Community Forestry Program." World Development 101: 133-141.
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Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Jha, P. K. (2017). Using seasonal climate forecasts to predict rice yield over Nepal's Terai. Science and Management of Climate Change. Venice, University of Venice CA Foscari. Doctoral dissertation.
  • Dissanayake, Sahan; Jha, Prakash, et al. (2015). "Community managed forest groups and preferences for REDD contract attributes: a choice experiment survey of communities in Nepal." World Bank Policy Research Working Paper(7326)
  • Dissanayake S.T. M.,   ;  Jha P.,, et al. (2014). SISC Second annual conference: climate change scenarios, impacts and policy. SISC Second annual conference: climate change scenarios, impacts and policy, Venice, Italy, SISC.

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