Charles G. Summers Ph.D.

Entomologist, emeritus
Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
9240 S. Riverbend Ave.
Parlier, CA 93648
(559) 646-6523 Create VCard

Also in:
Entomology (UCD)



Ph.D., Cornell University, 1970

Research Statement
Economic entomology and pest management: biology and ecology of insects attacking field and vegetable crops; pest management of field and vegetable crop insects and the interaction of multiple pest complexes; development of economic injury levels and economic thresholds; insect/plant-virus relationships with emphasis on aphid-borne viruses. Biology, ecology, and management of silverleaf whitefly. Management of aphids, aphid-borne viruses, and whiteflies utilizing reflective plastic mulch.


Pest management of field and vegetable crops, biology, ecology and management of aphids, aphids as virus vectors

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