Lab Assistant 2 – Exeter, CA Job ID 34414

County Location: Tulare County

Date Posted: April 20, 2022
Closing Date: June 5, 2022

The main responsibilities of the Laboratory Assistants are to set up, evaluate, and analyze field and lab research projects; prepare samples or specimens for examination, processing and sectioning tissue as well as set up & maintain research equipment. Assist in the set up, maintenance, and evaluation of field research projects. Summarize and minimally analyze research data; and assist in the assembly, testing and operation of complex laboratory equipment.

Technical assignments at this level typically include duties such as: preparing samples for radiochemical analyses, preparing complex reagents and media using basic ingredients, processing serum from whole blood, preparing components required for media making, preparing specimens for examination by professional and/or academic personnel, preparing concentration specimens, removing fluids and preservatives by pipetting and using solvents, preparing smear and imprint impressions, processing and sectioning tissues, preparing and staining slides, grinding tissues and placing in suspension for passage into host animals, and dissecting laboratory animals exposing tissues for examination.

This position is a limited appointment that is 30% variable.

This position will promote, in all ways consistent with the other responsibilities of the position, accomplishment of the Affirmative Action goals established by the Division.

The University of California issues policies essential for the safety and well-being of the community, including requirements for employees to be appropriately vaccinated for COVID-19, or to have an approved exception/exemption on file. New employees will be asked to provide validation of full compliance of UC vaccination policies.  

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