Live Talk: Planting Right with PlantRight
Sponsor: UC Master Gardener Program

Join UC Master Gardener Program partner PlantRight as they talk about invasive plants. Invasive plants harm the environment and cost California millions of dollars to monitor and manage each year. Almost half of invasive plants get their start through the nursery trade, and many invasive plants are still legal to sell today. PlantRight is a program that works together with the nursery industry, conservation, science, and government agencies to identify and help nurseries voluntarily phase out invasive plants. For each invasive on our list, PlantRight suggests safer, regionally appropriate alternative plants. Our goal is to teach everyone from landscapers to home gardeners how to plant right.

No registration or special link needed, the talk will be streamed LIVE to Facebook and YouTube on Thursday, Jan. 19, at noon.

Guest speaker: Alex Stubblefield of PlantRight 

Tune in LIVE or come back later to Facebook or YouTube and watch the recording.

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