UC Ag Experts Talk: Biology and Management of Avocado Lace Bug in California
Contact: Petr Kosina (pkosina@ucanr.edu)
Sponsor: UC Ag Experts Talk
In this talk, Dr. Mark Hoddle (UC RIverside) will discuss biology, damage, and distribution of avocado lace bug, two instances of avocado lave bug invasion to California, phenology studies of this pest, and evaluation of natural enemy and insecticides for the management of this pest. One DPR CE unit (other) and one CCA CE unit (IPM) were requested. 

Register for this webinar at https://ucanr.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_cLBzzsbZS7GIgiDtSxqWBA

One CCA CE unit (IPM) and one WCISA CE unit were requested.